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Equestrian Tourism The Via Francigena in Sutri

Sutri is a centre of ancient origins, in which rocky tombs dating back to the VI - IV century BC are still visible, the Roman amphitheatre of Augustan age and a small rocky church of the Madonna del Parto. 

The pilgrim coming from Viterbo and heading to Rome cannot help but stop in the city of Sutri. The Jubilee route recommended, which for some stretches covers ancient Francigenic paths, begins with a visit to the remains of the ancient and flourishing village of Sutrino and then continues to the entrance of Villa Savorelli. The complex, in addition to the eighteenth-century villa, includes the Church of S. Maria del Monte, the ruins of the castle called Carlo Magno Castle and the splendid park of holm-oaks that overlooks the amphitheatre, a splendid monument entirely carved into the tuff. The date is still uncertain, some scholars claim that it is of Etruscan origin while others believe it was Roman. 

A ride on horseback in what was one of the gates of the Etruscan Empire will leave you with an indelible memory throughout your life.

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