Below are all the activities we do in our horse racing center

Team Penning Ranch Sorting and Cow Horse

The Stock Disciplines represent the soul of Monta Western we in our center have chosen to practice these practices:

Team Penning

In the Penning Team, three binomas belonging to the same team have one minute to separate three calves with the same number from the herd and take them to a small enclosure at the bottom of the arena (called pen). The herd is generally made up of thirty head numbered from 0 to 9. Wins the team that in the shortest possible time succeeds in putting all three calves marked with the same number inside the pen.

Ranch Sorting

In the Ranch Sorting there are 10 calves numbered from 0 to 9, and two calves numbered, for a total of 12 calves. The Ranch Sorting takes place between 2 fences. Depending on the number of calves extracted, the team must cut, push and close all calves in the fence in numerical order until the number of calves is reached or, in any case, within a time limit that may vary from 90 to 60 seconds depending on the category in which you participate. Win who closes with the largest number of calves and in the case of the same number of calves who closes with the shortest time.

Working Cow Horse

It's a very technical race in which horse and knight are evaluated both on work with livestock and in the execution of a pattern of Reining.

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